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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


As I head into the final stretch of treatment, more and more I find myself thinking about reconstruction. For those of you who know me, I'm a planner. With HMOs and health insurance, this is a great trait to have because without prior authorization and approval, they don't pay for stuff.

After much research, I've decided on my reconstructive procedure. Now it's a matter of getting my dear friends at the health insurance company to agree to pay for it. I would like to be reconstructed via the GAP method and this procedure is only done by a small handful of doctors in the US. If you're curious about it, go to www.centerforrestoration.com and read up. There are before and after photos, too. Be warned: these are graphic photos since they show breasts and butts.

The wheels are in motion. Even though I could in theory have surgery as early as July (I need about 4 months in between my last radiation treatment and this surgery), I'm hoping for a surgery date in late October or early November. I'm doing the Susan B. Komen 3 Day which is Oct 14-16 and I don't want surgery messing up my training or event days.

Update August 5, 2005: Since orginally writing this entry, I have had metastisis to the lungs and bones and am no longer that concerned with reconstruction. First I need to be cancer free.

Other Items of Note:
My last chemo is tomorrow! I am super tired from treatment these days. I get out of breath climbing stairs and vertigo if I stand up too fast. I know this is because my red cell count is suffering from chemo and I know I'll start to feel better in a couple of weeks. Still, it doesn't make it any easier to get out of bed and have a decent day.

Baby Jen has a new word: bye-bye. Although it sounds more like bah-bowwwwwww and is accompanied by scrunchy handwaving. Totally cute. How much do I love this baby?!

To Anonymous, the only person to actually comment so far on this blog:
Thank you for reading. I will think about your 3 year old baby girl with leukemia often, and I'll think about what a dynamic person you must be to take care of 4 young children, especially with one who needs extra care. In 1998 I raised $4100 for Leukemia through Team in Training, and then ran a marathon in Alaska. Consider this my solemn promise to raise more money for leukemia in 2006. If you'll let me, you can give me the name of your baby and I'll run in her honor. Healing thoughts to your little one, and strength to you as you nurture her. In the same way I wish to dance at my baby's wedding, I hope the same for you. Namaste.


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