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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Above and Beyond the Call

Since I had surgery, I have really been useless around the house helping with the baby, cooking, general housework. We are lucky that several friends have stepped up to the plate and offered us absolutely amazing assistance. Please read about our angels, I feel so incredibly blessed to know these people.

Bubba and Mandy: Dan knows Bubba from BUD/s training years ago (pre-SEAL training). We ran into him at the grocery store back in December '04 and had him over for dinner on Christmas Eve because his wife was out of town doing medical training. Since then, this couple has done everything under the sun for us: grocery shopping, dog walking, cooking, tons of babysitting, transportation of Veronica to school and afterschool activities, driving me to medical appointments...you name it, they have done it.

Angela: Continues to be a huge help in so many ways. Has done pretty much anything you can think of for me, the list would just be too long. And she spent tons of time with me while I was in the hospital too, even spending the night in the most uncomfortable reclining chair. She is such a nurturing person, I really thank my lucky stars that she is my friend. She makes this whole thing easier to bear.

Susan: Helps with the girls. Babysits, picks up from daycare, drives me to appointments, and is just a good, positive energy force.

Tina: Cooks for us, will come to help with the kids, came and visited me at the hospital and at home while I was recovering, and is just a warm, wonderful and nurturing person.

Mark and Alyce: Visted me in the hospital, cheered me up, brought me pizza because I couldn't eat the nasty hospital food.

Jerome: Visted me in the hospital, helped with our broken computer, brought me his portable DVD player so I could watch movies in the hospital and at home while in bed resting. He is just a good positive person to talk to.

I also want to mention that Dan has just been a rock in all this. Plus, he does all our laundry, grocery shops, keeps the house neat, and does everything for Jennifer and Veronica and me, and is a wonderful husband.

Edited: In a huge oversight, I was interrupted while writing this and I did not mention my sister's part in my recovery on the first draft of this. Very pathetic of me, considering she flew out from NY to San Diego on short notice and stayed for 6 days, slept in the hospital to keep me company, did laundry for my family, made food, brought me medicine, paid my bills and did a host of other things that I was too drugged up to even know about. She is a shining star and I wish I had not neglected to add her story to this. I feel so crappy for not getting it on the first try.


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