what thoughts rattle around in your brain when you're a mom of a toddler and a breast cancer patient?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Medical Hallucinations

I mentioned earlier that while in the hospital, the pain medicine made me hallucinate. Here are some of the things I remember:

The crab
I am walking out a blue door that goes out to the beach. The sand is bright white, the sky is gorgeous and sunny. As I walk out the door, there is a tiny red hermit crab that follows me. As it walks, one of it's claws gets bigger and bigger until the claw is the size of a Maine lobster.

The cookie
There is an oatmeal cookie on the kitchen counter. The counter is white and clean. In a few seconds, the cookie is covered with bugs that would make a Fear Factor person go weak in the knees.

I am in my hospital bed. My friend Tina is in the chair next to me (for real). Then a huge family files in and sits down, including right on top of Tina in her chair. The family is speaking Spanish and is not there to see me. I actually have to open my eyes to see that my room is empty and this is not happening.

The Morphing Patient
There is a nest, a large one with fuzzy white stuff around the edges. It is big enough for a grown adult to sleep in. Suddenly a patient appears within the nest. And as this patients stretches arms upward, it quickly morphs into at least 4 other patients with different scars from surgery, different hair and skin colors and more. Then the nest is empty again.


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